Listening to our clients’ needs and to offer them coaching is an essential part of our work. At WILTOM, sales representation is far more than just meeting with retailers twice a year. We deeply care about ensuring a constant follow-up with them, regardless of the sales volume of their companies. All year long, we take over the retailers communications in regards to important changes about the brands. We want to ensure that they get all the tools they need in order to have as much success as possible. 

You don't close a sale;
you open a relationship
if you want to build a long-term,
successful enterprise.

Patricia Fripp



We are committed to ensure that the brands we represent are seen at their best by consumers. That is why we are working with retailers to ensure that all communications, both electronic and traditional, meet the quality standards of our brands and of our agency. We constantly monitor social media to ensure a good representation of our brands, which contributes to their sustainability.

A brand is not a product or
a promise or a feeling.
It's the sum of all the experiences
you have with a company.

Amir Kassaei